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Reseller VPS Plans

All plans are standard with solid state drives (SSD).

% 5 discount

50 Virtual Machine
% 8 discount

100 Virtual Machine
% 10 discount

200 Virtual Machine
% * discount

500 Virtual Machine
100% SSD Servers
All of our servers in our infranet have SSD Disc. Only Storace Cloud Plans have SSD Cache.
7/24/365 Support
Our technical stuff solves your problems 7/24. Average response time is 5-7 minutes.
Quick Setup
We have fast control panel and infrastructure so that your cloud servers get ready in 15 seconds.
7/24 Online Panel
You can manage,reinstall,stop and delete your servers with our 7/24 online Control Panel.
High-Speed Data Transfer
You have access as you wish with 200Mbps,500Mbps and 1Gbps Network Speed Options.
You can meet all your location needs thanks to increasing location number .

Reseller FAQ

Can I benefit from sales outlet service as an individual?
Yes, you don’t have to be a company in order to have a sales outlet of Skynube. Individuals can benefit from sales outlet with your personal account.
How many servers can I create?
None of our plans have server limit. You can create as much as you want using the source which is defined for you.
I have source for storage or memory ,but I don’t have IP adress. What can I do ?
If you are using all the IP’s which are defined for you, you can have extra ip’s from your control panel and you can keep creating servers.
Do you create personal sales outlet plans depending on my requests?
No, you can only profit from our standard plans for now.
Do you provide backup service?
We don’t provide a backup service specially. Yet, you can update the server instantly. Backup files are stored at your own source area.
Can I upgrade plans?
Yes. You can increase the plan. But you can’t decease it.